Thus providing a reliable machine and service, to cater for the staff and clientele. This will ensure safety and convenience; the staff do not need to travel off premises for any snacks and drinks. At the same time, without losing its quality, it provides the staff and clientele with cheaper and easier options.

The snack and drink machine is maintained once a day and is filled with products of the staff’s choice. This will give you the ability to customize the machine to your preference.

New or used vending machines are available.


If you would like to purchase or rent a snack and drink vending machine, please contact us for a quote.

Please make the subject of the email “Vending Machine Purchase”, or “Vending Machine Rent”. 

We will send you a catalogue with our available machines. 



The gumball machines will bring a slight element of joy and excitement to the area.

If someone wants a chewy sweet to help them pass time or just for the enjoyable flavors. The gumball vending machine will serve their need.

As well as enhancing the aesthetics, the gumball machine serves the community around it.

We maintain the gumball machine as often as necessary. We also remain on a 24/7 call encase of emergencies.


If you would like to purchase a gumball machine , get a gumball machine placed in your facility, or rent a gumball machine for a certain occasion.

Please contact us, place your query and make the subject of the email “Gumball Machine Purchase”, “Gumball Machine Placing”, or “Gumball Machine Rent”. LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE 



If you would like to start the creation of your own custom goodie package for your special occasion, or you would like to select one of our standard goodie packages.

No matter what it is, contact us now to place your query and make the subject of the email as “Custom Packaging”.

We will send you catalogue of all our products on offer for you to choose from.



Do you have the sweet tooth, or do you just need a lot of products for a certain occasion. We will send you a catalogue with all our products that you are able to choose from. contact us to start your order. Make the subject of the email “Product Sale”. 

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